Monday, December 1, 2008

I found a dark infernal place, I don't want to face anymore..

I was listening to a song this morning by a Christian band called "Demon Hunter".
They have an amazing song called "The Tide Began To Rise".

A really good line from the song:

So now I’m stuck here between the guilty and the insincere

When I first heard this song, I had no idea what it meant. Had no clue what that one line meant. Now, everything sense because it's exactly what I have been feeling.
We're always sinning. We hate it, but at the same time we're so darn attached to it.
Because we are attached to sin, we keep pulling ourselves away from God.
We know we're guilty, but when we've done it so many times, the deep apologetic feeling doesn't always seem to be there.

I have come to a conclusion, I am never going to get to the spiritual level I want to be at, if I don't try harder to take the sin out of my life.
Yes, it's hard.
But, it's a wake up call....
the only person we should strive to get closer to, and change for is Jesus.

Somehow I won't stop feeding the pain..
My hearts just the same as before..

In a state of sin, our soul is black.
The more we sin, the more easier it becomes to sin.
Ever get that feeling like there's an ache in your heart, and weights on your shoulders?
Ever noticed you have that feeling when you are in a state of sin?
You are being weighed down by sin. You're letting yourself drowning in it.
It hurts, yet we continue to feed it. If you're like me, you'll get frustrated.
You'll be sick of your heart being "just the same as before".

Some advice to help you:
  • Don't get stuck in the dark infernal place, where sinning becomes a huge habit.

  • Keep your Sanctifying Grace active.

  • Which means, avoid mortal sin, at all costs. That kills your Sanctifying Grace.

  • Go to confession often, and receive Commuion often.

I may edit this later.

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