Monday, May 23, 2011

"To live your Faith, is to be a bright meteor shooting across the night sky."

Dear friends,

I apologize for not writing. I have been caught up in other things.
I've been dealing with some personal issues and some health issues. Basically, I was horribly sick for a week. I had horrible back pain that resulted in nausea. It was to the point where I thought I was dying. I'm okay now, though. Praise God! I also lost my job, so I've been looking for another one/trying to find out where God wants me. I just came back this morning from a scouting camp out, too.

This writing, was actually completely unplanned. But, it's based off something I realized after attending this camp out. It's odd. I have been involved with scouting/youth ministry leadership for quite a few years, and I've done so much preparation for each event I've ever taken part in. This weekend, I was working with cub scouts. And the program involved little preparation, but I think I took the most out of attending this camp out. Not by teaching. But by observing other kids that I didn't even teach.

I've gotten to know a lot of kids through scouting, but over the weekend, I was hanging out with 3 guys, and one guy in particular taught ME what it means to live the Faith. To live your Faith, is to be a bright meteor shooting across the night sky. Allow me to explain, Saturday evening, I was talking with the 3 guys. One guy was being rather "immoral" for a Catholic setting with his humor, one guy was kinda laughing at it all, and one guy was shaking his head at it all. The guy that was shaking his head told them to stop, and told them that they didn't need to be acting this way. Their "humor" didn't stop, but nor did he. Eventually, I think the guy that was laughing came around. I think he started to see that the other guy's humor wasn't okay. You may be wondering how this ties into my quote, though. "To live your Faith, is to be a bright meteor shooting across the night sky."

This day and age, we live in a dark world. A world that is very secular. A world that rejects the thought of God and religion. A world that doesn't care about what is holy and pure. We live in a world where abortion is okay, sex before marriage is okay, getting drunk and partying all night is okay. Darkness does not only involve"big" things. It can also involve smaller things like--immoral jokes, impure thoughts, and using bad language. There is a scripture verse in Romans that teaches us to be dead to sin, and alive in Christ. By living our Faith, rejecting what's wrong, and standing up for what's right we ARE alive in Christ. St. Catherine of Siena has a quote:

"If you are what you should be, you will set the world ablaze."

First off, the main thing we should "be" are good and holy people that are striving to enter the kingdom of Heaven. When someone stands up for what is true, and good, and wholesome....there's something attractive about it. To see someone set the world "ablaze" by standing up for what's right is beautiful, and it's almost enough to make me cry. It gives me proof that there's hope for humanity. So often, we get caught up in the darkness, so it's nice to see light. Christ is all knowing, all good, He is the way, the truth, and the life. And I suppose that's why it's beautiful. When I see someone stand up for what's right, I can see Christ in that person. And it reminds -me- to be a better person.

I have found that you can have hundreds of friends, be popular, and skilled in every aspect. But, if you're not "friends" with all of Heaven and don't care about right VS wrong, it doesn't matter. If you're the one who doesn't have many friends, but is strong in the Faith, and stands up for what's right, then you have ALL of Heaven on your side.
In reality, who is more alone?

The best advice I could ever give someone is this:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” --Gandhi


Dave said...

Well said! Thank you for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Layna said...


Assuming this is your blog, I'm going to follow it! :)


Steve said...

It is funny how brighter and brighter people who stand up for what is right become.

I say this in regards to people who 30 years ago said that swearing and porn were bad were kind of run of the mill type of people, average.

But now if you go to your friends and tell them that porn and swearing are bad you are looked upon as strange and kind of weird.

The world has gotten so much dark in the last couple of generations that to stand up for what is right is almost as rare as seeing a shooting star.

But I love how people like you, dave, and patrick (those are the other people who commented on your post) are shedding light into the world and giving the devil a BEATIN!!!!!!!!!!